2017 New Reel Release

2017 had just begun and we’re excited to share with you some of Shimano’s 2017 reel releases which will be arriving in stores throughout the year. 

Based on our 2015 Twinpower, we’ve come up with the Twinpower XD (eXtreme Durable). As its name suggests, the gears used in the XD are 70% stronger than the 2015 Twinpower. This new level of strength can only be achieved from high precision processing technology during manufacturing which increases the hardness of the pinion gear material without increasing gear size.

The new Twinpower XD also features X-Protect, our latest waterproof technology utilizing Labyrinth structure thus improving the reel’s water resistance. The labyrinth structure is a new design concept for reel body. Additional structures were added to improve water resistance and rigidity of the body frame. To top it off, Twinpower XD features enhanced Carbon drag washers with improved durability. This is simply one of the best pound-for-pound fishing reel we ever made!

More Reels to Feature Hagane Gear

2017 also sees the incorporation of Hagane Gear into the Ultegra, Sahara and Sedona range of reels. Made using Shimano’s precision cold-forging technology in which metal is compressed to shape rather than melted and poured into a mould in hot-forging. And because there’s no cutting work involved, Hagane gears have higher density than regular gears, making them highly resistant to impact and extremely difficult to break. 

The Ultegra is well-known for its smooth cranking action and features technology normally found on high-end reels. This year, we’ve updated the Ultegra series with Hagane gear and a G FreeBody, making it even better. With the G FreeBody, we’ve shifted the centre of gravity closer to the rod greatly reducing fatigue on anglers during fishing. Water resistance is also enhanced with Core Protect, a non-contact style water resistance structure using water repellant compounds. 


Our workhorse reel just got a well-deserved upgrade.  Now with Hagane gears and G FreeBody the Sahara range of reels is not only tougher and lighter, it also has a smoother and stronger reeling action with the X-Ship gearing system, making it the perfect choice for light tackle anglers. 

Our Sedona range of reels just got a whole lot tougher with the addition of Hagane gear and a G FreeBody! By repositioning the reel’s centre of gravity higher up the reel with the improved body design, we’re able to reduce fatigue on anglers so they can better enjoy their fishing. To cater to a wider range of fishing conditions whether in fresh or saltwater, we’ve added an XG model to the lineup so anglers can have more options and better value all without breaking the bank!  

Ever felt undergun when you fish BFS and hook on a big fish? Fret not! Introducing our first round body bait casting reel for Bait Finesse Fishing! The Calcutta Conquest BFS HG is Shimano very first round profile BFS reel. It is equipped with Micro Module Gear, X-Ship, Hagane body and Finesse Tune Brake (FTB) system. 

The use of Micro Module Gear and Hagane Body gives the BFS HG a luxurious retrieval experience. All this smoothness is paired with increased power in cranking. The reel weight is reduced through the adoption of our FTB system which uses a specially designed spool featuring weight-saving holes and magnetic braking. This reel is perfect for anglers who wants to cast light lures and not sacrifice any cranking power in the hands!


Our value performance reel just got a lot better! With its Digital Control braking system, the previous generation of Scorpion DC’s achieved superior casting performance. Now with I-DC5, anglers can toggle between 5 brake levels and 3 different modes to set the appropriate brake force using the external and internal dial respectively. The smart DC system detects and responds quicker to any sudden changes in spool revolution due to wind conditions or lure type allowing anglers to concentrate on fishing with minimum worry about backlash. 


The inclusion of a Magnumlite spool and Micromodule gear makes the already lightweight Chronarch bait casting reel even lighter and offers smoother cranking action. This is also the first time we have introduced Hagane Gears in a carbon composite body. This means all the power in a lightweight compact body! Casting distance has also been greatly increased with the new SVS Infinity system making the Chronarch MGL an excellent choice for bass and predator fishermen. 

Entry model doesn’t have to be basic; our entry baitcast reel just got updated! We’ve incorporated the SVS brake system with the BassOne XT giving anglers control over brake settings to the minute level. Line capacity has also been reduced in line with current fishing trends, 200 model is now 150 model. A value for money model highly recommended to any angler!


For more information on these new products and other 2017 products, please visit your nearest authorized Shimano dealer or visit our page at fish.shimano.com.sg