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Quick View STELLA_SW_v1_m56577569831051393.png Stella SW

The Stella SWB series has completely redefined what spin reels are capable of. No longer a reel for medium impact coastal and inshore fishing, the modern generation Stellas have the ability to tackle the largest bluewater game fish on the planet.

Quick View 2015TwinpowerSW_v1_m56577569831051392.png Twinpower SW

The Saltwater Maestro

Quick View BIOMASTER_SW_v1_m56577569831051390.png Biomaster SW

Master of the seas

Quick View SARAGOSASW_v1_m56577569831032009.png Saragosa SW

With a wide range of sizes to choose from, the Saragosa SW is the perfect companion for saltwater game anglers.

Quick View Spheros-SW_1024x768_v1_m56577569830917170.png SPHEROS SW

With its known durable design to handle the salt, the new Spheros SW spinning reels offer even more angler confidence with new Shimano 'SW Concept' features. In sizes for off the beach, inshore action, and blue water use

Quick View BAITRUNNER_DLFB_v1_m56577569831032008.png Baitrunner DL-FB

Available in 2500 and 4000 sizes, the Baitrunner DL-FB is equally at home targeting predatory species with deadbaits, or when feeder fishing for hard fighting fish such as carp and barbel.

Quick View BaitrunnerD_1024x768_v1_m56577569830917100.png BAITRUNNER D

The new Baitrunner gives you the confidence of a legendary drivetrain and auto-return Baitrunner feature as well as better castability, better line lay, less backlash, wind knots or tangles, less friction on the line, larger, more comfortable grips, a higher max drag as well as a wider range of Baitrunner settings than its predecessors.

Quick View BaitrunnerOC_1024x768_v1_m56577569830917103.png BAITRUNNER OC

Today's Technology with Legendary Performance and Durability

Quick View Socorro_1024x768_v1_m56577569830917167.png SOCORRO

With sizes from 4000 all the way up to 10000 and high end technologies such as Propulsion and Waterproof Drag, the Socorro has you covered in all big fish applications from inshore to offshore, surf to pier, kayak to boat and saltwater to freshwater.