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Quick View bantam_v1_m56577569831029918.png Bantam

Bringing new sensation to seasoned anglers

Quick View scorpionxt_v1_m56577569831029919.png Scorpion XT

Designed for challenging terrain with its crisp casting accuracy & X-Power construction to prevent blank twisting

Quick View zodias_v1_m56577569831029920.png Zodias

Pushing the boundary of technical offering with this rod. Guides and sizes are chosen to keep rod weight low and to maximise useability.

Quick View 2017expride_v1_m56577569831041174.png Expride

Expride has been reborned with a new design! Rod weight has been reduced by over 10% compared to previous model while maintaining its durability, sharpness, sensitivity and response. Now with CI4+ reel seat.

Quick View airswing_v1_m56577569831001438.png Air Swing

The progressive action of the Airswing helps to ensure eas lure presentation and great control during the fight. Overall rod balance is well suited for anglers of all level to enjoy a complete day of fishing.

Quick View exageshorecast_v1_m56577569830927666.png Exage Shore Cast

Made for the shorecasters in mind. This beautifully crafted rod uses a progressive blank action to ensure a long cast and still the blank possesses enough strength when fighting a fish to show.

Quick View ultegra_v1_m56577569831031582.png Ultegra

Luring is a passion and work of art. The Ultegra series is made up of 7 SKUs to cater to different lures commonly used!

Quick View 2017panzarud_v1_m56577569831064025.png PANZAR UD

Perfect partner for the Tranx series of reels!

Quick View 2017panzar_v1_m56577569831064024.png Panzar

Special craft series to cater to all lure enthusiast's demand!

Quick View bassterraev_v1_m56577569831001440.png Bassterra EV

Equipped with Full Fuji Components, this rod pushes above its weight class. Extra attention is placed to ensure that this rod is durable and will bring joy to angler for years to come.

Quick View bassterraAX_v1_m56577569830927664.png Bassterra AX

Light and powerful, the Bassterra AX exhbits the characteristics of what an ideal bass rod should be. Cross Carbon Tape on the rod increases strength during different angle of flex.

Quick View bassrise_v1_m56577569831001439.png Bass Rise

A legend refreshed. Bass Rise has been one of our most popular fishing rod ever introduced to the market. With the latest edition, we gave it a sparkling coat of paint with matt accentuation at strategic spot to gave this old dame a fresh lease of life.