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Quick View oceajigger_v1_m56577569830927687.png Ocea Jigger

Shimano OCEA series - This name is well known to the angling field for its powerful, reliable and long lastig performance.

Quick View gametypeslowj_v1_m56577569831027973 GAME TYPE SLOW J

Amazing action combined with good line tension makes this rod an ideal choice for slow jigging

Quick View gametypej_v1_m56577569831029137 GAME Type J

Ideal for targetting pelagic fishes

Quick View 2017gametypelj_v1_m56577569831041175.png 2017 Game Type LJ

We've updated the series and made it more comprehensive to cover all discipline of light jigging

Quick View gametypeLJ_v1_m56577569830927685.png Game Type LJ

The Game Type LJ is tuned and made for light jiggers in mind. If you are looking for a rod to jig 40-80gram range, this will be THE choice for you. Both bait and spin models are available in two actiosn to choose from to suit the type of jigs used.

Quick View jigwrex_v1_m56577569831001447.png Jigwrex

The new Jigwrex is built with proven Shimano Technology, Spiral X construction. This is a proprietary process unique to Shimano. By strategically using strips of carbon fibre to create the core of the rod, we can tremendously increase the torsion resistance of the blank.

Quick View jigwrex_ud_v1_m56577569831035892.png Jigwrex UD

UD stands for Ultra Durable. Using Shimano UD Glass as core material, the Jigwrex UD is one of the toughest rod we ever produced.

Quick View jigwrex_sj_v1_m56577569831035893.png Jigwrex Slow Jig

To live up to the honour of being our South East Asia flagship slow jigging model, this rod has gone through a thorough design process to ensure that an angler�s sense is heightened when fishing with this rod.

Quick View jigwrexlj_v1_m56577569830927686.png Jigwrex LJ

Shimano Jigwrex LJ consist of a range of rod actions to suit different modes of light jigging style in 40-60m depth of water.

Quick View speedmasterjig_thumb_v1_m56577569831051284.png Speedmaster

Step up to the next level of Saltwater fishing!

Quick View speedmaster_sj_v1_m56577569831035894.png Speedmaster Slow Jig

Elastic Rod with a sensitive rod tip!

Quick View speedmasterhirame_t_v1_m56577569831051487.png Speedmaster Hirame

Strong backbone to control a flounder's first dash and a soft tip to maintain rubber presentation at the correct depth