New! Coming soon in 2017

The new Game Type LJ line up is now more comprehensive to cover all the different jigging applications for jig up to 150g. Light jigging is unique from the way the angler pitch and jerk of the rod. There is a lot more wrist action than other types of jigging method. With this in mind, our designers deployed a special contour EVA grip area to ensure that angler's comfort is maximise. The oversize EVA handle also allows maximum range of motion for flicking action of the jig. One of the notable new model would like the micro jigging type, S630 and B630. These 2 SKUs are perfect for targeting small pelagics like diamond trevally or golden trevally. Lighter tip action gives maximum control over light jigs and the Spiral X and Hi-power X blanks gives an extra backbone so that maximum pressure can be applied onto the fish at the end of the line. In total, there are 8 SKUs for all the disciplines of light jigging!

Product Specs

Construction SPIRAL + HI-POWER X
Number of models 8
Key Feature SPIRAL X

Length Power Action Line Rating Lure Rating Section
1.91m - - MAX PE 1.2 30-100g 1
1.91m - - MAX PE 1.5 40-120g 1
1.91m - - MAX PE 2 50-150g 1
1.98m - - MAX PE 1.2 20-100g 1
1.91m - - MAX PE 1.5 30-120g 1
1.91m - - MAX PE 2 40-150g 1
1.85m - - MAX PE 1.5 40-120g 1
1.85m - - MAX PE 2 50-150g 1