New for 2017!

As the name imply, this is the rod for anglers looking to do Aji fishing in deeper waters, usually off a boat or coastal drop-offs. Specially tuned for this purpose, the stronger backbone of the rod allows the angler to work the rig more comfortably on deeper waters as well as manage different profile jig heads. There are a total of 4 SKUs, split into 2 main fishing style: Vertical Contact or Fishing Jig style. Choose the right profile to suit your fishing style. The rod also features our new bridge reel seat design. This design is compact and allows for the angler to have contact with the blank. Also added is our new profile carbon monocoque handle for the ultimate contact point that greatly enhances blank sensitivity. We promise you will feel the slightest bite!

Product Specs

Family Type AJING
Construction SPIRAL X + HI-POWER X
Number of models 4
Key Feature CI4+

Length Power Action Line Rating Lure Rating Section
2.03m MEDIUM N/A MAX PE 0.8 MAX 56 2
1.98m MEDIUM LIGHT N/A MAX PE 0.8 MAX 56 2
1.98m MEDIUM N/A MAX PE 0.8 MAX 30 2
1.93m MEDIUM HARD N/A MAX PE 0.8 MAX 40 2