Top blank construction; Spiral X. Top reinforcement: High Power X and not forgetting top quality Fuji component. This rod is a high spec rod that comes at a reasonable price. This rod is designed to cast far with its unique taper, ergonomic shaped gascon grip and Fuji SiC guide. This rod employs the latest K-guide from Fuji to reduce wind knots during casting.

Product Specs

Family Type SURF
Construction SPIRAL X & HI-POWER X
Number of Models SiC K
Key Features GASCON
Guides N/A

Length Power Action Weight Sinker Size Sections
3.65m F FAST 305g NO. 18-25 3
4.05m D FAST 390g NO. 23-30 3
4.05m C FAST 420g NO. 25-35 3
4.05m E FAST 360g NO. 20-30 3
3.65m D FAST 355g NO. 23-30 3
4.05m F FAST 335g NO. 18-25 3
3.65m E FAST 325g NO. 20-30 3
4.05m B FAST 350g NO. 27-35 3