A worthy addition to our surfcast range. The Surflander. With its classy blue finish, the rod will appeal to a wide group of surf casting. Using quality Fuji components on the rod, this rod promises to deliver long lasting performance
  • blank_v1_m56577569830927624.png SPIRAL + HIGH POWER X
  • grip_v1_m56577569830927625.png FUJI SiC
  • guides_v1_m56577569830927626.png FUJI
  • reelseat_v1_m56577569830927627.png N/A

Product Specs

Family Type SURF
Construction SPIRAL + HIGH POWER X
Number of models 8
Key Feature Spiral X construction
Guides FUJI SiC

Length Power Action Line Rating Lure Rating Section
4.05m E FAST N/A No.20-30 4
4.25m E FAST N/A No.20-30 4
4.05m D FAST N/A No.23-30 4
4.25m D FAST N/A No.23-30 4
4.05m C FAST N/A No.23-30 4
4.25m C FAST N/A No.25-35 4
4.05m B FAST N/A No.25-35 4
4.25m B FAST N/A No.27-35 4