Age: 36

Nationality: Singaporean

Place of Residence: Singapore

Fishing Experience: 25

Favourite Fishing Place:
“Ah Fatt Kelong – Scenic surroundings and seaman-style living without having to worry about food or water supply makes up for muted fishing action”

Favourite Shimano Rods“New Jigwrex LJ with Carbon Monocoque butt design, 1990s 幻波 & Beastmaster/Speedmaster Bullwhip Fight-in”

Favourite Shimano Reels“Beastmaster & Forcemaster Electric reels, Old NaviXT, AerlexXT & TLD. ”

Favourite Fishing Style: “Eging & Ajing for small freshwater fishes as it’s suitable for a family man”

Quote: “Catch & Release and adopt a clean as you go concept by picking up your own litters”



A full-time Aircraft Engine Mechanic, Pro-staff Edmund’s fishing adventures started when a primary schoolmate introduced the activity to him, catching small catfish and mudskippers using chicken liver at a saltwater canal. In fact, he was so in love with fishing that by the time he was 13, he had earned the nickname of Hai Loi, courtesy of the 30kg Cobia he landed while fishing at Bedok Jetty.

From early to mid-2000, he won various surfcasting competitions held in Singapore and Malaysia. Starting 2005, he served as a moderator on Singapore Fishing Forum, before it became On top of moderating content under the Surf-Fishing and Sportscasting section as well as promoting Catch & Release culture, reviewing products and organizing small competition or team building activities.

In 2004, Shimano S.E.A approached him to co-develop two surf-rods catering to anglers here in South-East Asia due to his understanding of the style. The result of that initial collaboration brought about the Horizon SC Special and Horizon Surf Game rods as well as his affiliation with Shimano since 2009 as a product field-tester and brand ambassador.

From his humble beginning of catching mudskippers at the nearby canal, Pro-staff Edmund today is a seasoned angler who enjoys various styles of fishing such as Eging, Ajing, Shore Jigging and Deepwater Fishing using Shimano’s electric reel amongst others.

Besides fishing, he is also an avid vintage rod collector and off-road dirt riding enthusiast.

VISIT and ask any angling questions that you might have at Edmund's official Shimano Facebook Page.