Self-employed and a freelance angler, Sonthaya Klinbubpha otherwise fondly known as Nueng, started bottom fishing at the age of 10, having been influenced by his Uncle. From bottom fishing, he progressed to the rivers, swamps and natural freshwater locations available throughout the whole of Thailand.

From 2007 to 2009, Nueng actively learned and honed various bait casting techniques when the style was beginning to gain popularity in Thailand. Inspired by bait-casting celebrity Pro-anglers abroad, he decided to take part in fishing competitions as a gauge of his skills as well as to improve further. 

This motivation of wanting to improve his skills has brought him unexpected results, with him winning top prizes at various competitions for 4 consecutive years:
- 1st place Himpala category in Khao Lam Dam Competition 2016
- 1st place Bass Fishing Tournament 2015 organized by Siam Fishing
- 3rd place Charity Bass Fishing Competition 2014
- 3rd place in King of Texas #1 2013

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Age: 33

Nationality: Thai

Place of Residence: Thailand

Professional Fishing Experience: 23

Favourite Fishing Place"Natural Dams"

Favourite Shimano Rods"Bantam & Expride"

Favourite Shimano Reels"Calcutta Conquest BFS, Metanium MGL"

Favourite Fishing Style"Lure Casting, BFS fishing"