Age: 38

Nationality: Malaysian

Place of Residence: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Professional Fishing Experience: 3 (Lure Fishing)

Favourite Fishing Place:
“Royal Belum in Perak. Experienced guides with good service. Suitable for lure casting Sebarau and Toman while enjoying nature in one of the world’s oldest rainforest.”

Favourite Shimano Rods“Bantam, Expride and Zodias”

Favourite Shimano Reels“Antares, Metanium, Chronarch”

Favourite Fishing Style: “Lure casting as it provides more challenge and adventure. Finding a good spot for lure casting requires you to be closer to Mother Nature and being mentally prepared to sleep and track in the jungle and yet obtain zero results in the trip. Lure fishing keeps my mind working to find the best technique and new tactics to catch the fish.”

Quote: "Catch & Release - Do what's right for our future generations."



Instead of tracking down enemies in the jungle, nowadays Pro-staff Syafi’e can be found spending his time tracking down the best fishing spots for anglers in Royal Belum where he serve as a fishing guide. A former military officer in the Malaysia Army, he traded his rifle and green military garb in 2016 for fishing rods and fishing wear as he became a professional angler and businessman.

The President of Fishing Buddies Fishing Club since 2015 he is a strong advocate of conservation, performing academic research into Toman Fishing and introducing a fish tagging system in Royal Belum which allows for more in-depth studies to be done, contributing to conservation efforts in the park.

Specializing in long cast, cast accuracy, pitching, skipping and sight casting, he is a bait casting instructor who can be found at Shimano’s Open House and Fishing clinics sharing his experience with anglers. He was the 2nd runner-up when he competed in the 2016 Royal Belum Sport Fishing Challenge.

Due to his military background, Pro-staff Syafi’e loves to engage in various outdoor activities such as sky diving and swimming when he’s not out fishing. He is also a professional scuba diver and a PADI certified dive instructor.

VISIT and ask any angling questions that you might have at Syafie's official Shimano Facebook Page.