Stella SW

Featuring the long casting ARC spool lip that releases the line effortlessly throughout the cast; superior distances are assured every time. This casting distance is further enhanced by the Aerowrap line laying that is essential when using PE lines. The new topless oversized line roller design accommodates even very heavy wind-on leaders and connecting knots. Add to this, the one piece bail wire sits on a chrome alloy bail arm that resists line cuts. This oversized line roller is secured to the bail arm via a primary and secondary locking system to completely eliminate the possibility of working loose due to boat vibrations. Best of all, the new Stellas are now even lighter than its predecessors, allowing you to fish harder and longer with minimal fatigue.

Twinpower SW

After a long wait, the new Twinpower SW reel is finally born! Construct with the years of experience gained by its higher class sibling, the New Twinpower incorporates a host of new features found only in the Stella SW. First of all, drag performance is vastly improved over its predecessor with a new Hyper Disc Drag System, improved Waterproof design, fast heat resistant drag knob& most important new high density drag washers for higher & consistent drag performance. Oversized line roller, One Piece machined Bail & alloy Bail arm all hard chrome against nasty leader or PE line scratches, ensures smooth function under all conditions. Drive gear is Cold Forged & Pinion gears use hard brass both machined to exact dimensions with the intention of achieving maximum cranking power. The Hybrid Alloy body is designed to withstand the rigors of Saltwater fishing, maintaining optimum performance at all times.
A new 12000 size will give the Saltwater angler new enjoyment in their pursuit for the next big one.

Biomaster SW

Building on the success factors of the proven and tested
Biomaster series reels, designers at Shimano came out with
the new Biomaster SW series where specification such as
cold forged gear and ARC spool, it has features of the top
end Stella and Twinpower SW series to battle the giants in
the sea. With a more affordable price tag, the Biomaster SW
certainly helps saltwater anglers to conquer the deep blue
sea. Available in 6 different sizes, the Biomaster SW is truly the
master of the sea.

Saragosa SW

The new range Saragosa reels are retrofitted with several new features to keep it at the forefront of its game. This reel is built with ruggedness in mind. Its body is made of Aluminum alloy to withstand years of grueling punishment. Drags are beef up up to be stronger and at the same time smooth. All sizes of Saragosa feature Direct Drive mechanism to increase cranking power even further. New ARC Spool ensures superb casting performance while Propulsion Line Management System, Aerowrap design and Over sized Line Roller cater to modern braided or PE lines. With so many features pack into this reel, the Saragosa is one tough reel to be reckoned with.

Aceration SW

The Acceration SW has all the qualities which a saltwater
reel has to have. With the ARC Spool, S-ARB bearings and
Onepiece Bail, this sturdy workhorse enables anglers to fish
with confidence through all weather conditions. Oversized
EVA power handle knob and our reinforced S-ARB bearing
provide a smooth fishing even in harsh conditions. All these
features but at an affordable price!


Spheros range was upgraded to stay ahead in the Saltwater Fishing arena. Extra features like Shield ARB bearings & ARC Spool are further added to the existing functions enjoyed by fisherman. Waterproof Drag System, Power roller, ARB Bearings continue to serve the fisherman. With these upgrade,this sturdy workhorse enables anglers to fish with confidence through all weather conditions at a price that does not break the bank. Let Spheros continue to serve you in your Saltwater Game..

Thunnis CI4

Thunnus, the genus or name for the hard fighting tuna; or
in this case a heavy duty spinning reel with our renowned
Baitrunner function which allows to set a secondary drag to
allow finicky fishes to “ run” with the bait without spitting out
the hook.
Everything about this reel had been built extra tough for
both Fresh water and Saltwater use. The new Thunnus Ci4 is
Almost 200g lighter than the traditional Thunnus reel, the CI4
version is the latest offering of Baitrunner reels to our region.
Combining the Dartinum II enforced drag and Baitrunner drag
system, the Thunnus CI4 SW reel is the perfect choice for
livebait anglers.

Baitrunner D

Shimano Baitrunner has come a long way with its legendary
Baitrunner Drag system that change the way you fish. The
new Bairunner D still retains its characteristics but major
improvements were made to make this new generation
of reel retains its supremacy in Live baiting arena. New
cross woven drag washers were introduced for higher
drag force performance & Drive gear is now full Cold Forge
for stronger cranking during fish fights. Clutch system is
completely designed to take more stress as Baitrunner drag
have a bigger adjusting range for more precise drag setting.
Finally One Piece Bail design ensures each cast is smooth, &
effortless. New 8000 & 12000 size open up a whole new world
of options to anglers such as Saltwater casting & Baitfishing
for a big variety of pelagic offshore Gamefish.

Baitrunner OC

When consumer demand cried for an upgraded Baitrunner,
Shimano not only redesigned the original but also went
one step further – the addition of two entirely new ranges
to meet the ever-increasing number of applications and
environments that hardcore Australia fisherman continue to
put them through. Sitting in the middle of the new Baitrunner
collection, the OC range was designed to take advantage of
key Shimano technologies while being offered at a price that
is right. There are two sizes to choose from, so if bream and
whiting are your game or thumper Snapper, we have you
covered. All models feature the trademark smooth Baitrunner
drags that can only be found in Shimano reels – don’t let
inferior and jerky drag systems of competitor offerings to
loose you the fish of a lifetime! Couple this with lightweight
graphite body, aluminium Cold Forged spool, Power Roller,
Super Stopper II and Vari-Speed oscillation system and you have
a range that offers unprecedented value for money.