• Wash the screen for too long as water may penetrate.
  • Wash the reel when the motor is hot.
  • Use chemicals like gasoline/ kerosene/ Benzene to wash down the reel as it will damage the coating
  • Wash your reel when the socket is not covered
  • Wash when star-drag and cast control is not tightened.
  • Dip or soak the whole reel into a bucket of fresh water.
  • Use high pressure water to wash down your reel.
  • Place under direct sunlight after washing as it will melt the grease inside. 

Step 1 - 2

1. Tighten star drag and cast control cap before washing

2. Cover socket with rubber socket cap

Steps 3 - 4

3.  Rinse screen using low pressure water quickly (not more than 3 seconds)

4. Rinse spool area with low pressure water to remove salt

Steps 5 - 6

5. Engage clutch and pull out 2-3 metre of line while rinsing

6. Use a toothbrush to brush the handle shank and handle knob area

Steps 7 - 8

7. Use a tube brush to brush small accessible areas (Ie. Reel seat, line guide area) to remove any remaining salt content

8. Use a wet cloth to wipe down the whole reel to ensure remaining salt and bait is removed

Steps 9 - 10

9. Use a dry cloth to wipe down completely

10. Use an air duster to spray hard to access areas to clear out water droplets

Step 11

11. Loosen star drag and leave in cool and dry place


  1. Wash your reel with warm water (under 30 degrees celsius).
  2. Detergent can be used if stubborn stains could not be removed.
  3. Wash your reel after every trip.
  4. Remove line after deep sea fishing or intending to keep in storage for long period.
  5. Avoid placing the reel on boat side rod holders to prevent sea water from being splashed onto reel.
* Electric Reel Maintenance Tips.pdf
Click here to download printable A4 version.