40 years ago, we introduced the first Bantam 100 to the angling world. A lightweight and durable body made from Aluminium, the Bantam 100 offered superior performance and was easy to grip, receiving enthusiastic support from many anglers. 

40 years later we released the Bantam MGL, a reel for the modern era that is similar but not alike. A reel that is highly versatile and easy to handle, capturing the fun of bass fishing in a shape familiar to many.



The new Bantam MGL features a low-profile body that is easy to palm and possess the same rigidity of a round-profile aluminium cut reel. In order achieve these two qualities in one body, we had to overcome some challenges in the shaping process. And one of the technologies used to overcome the challenge is Core Solid Body.

Conventional Baitcast Body

CoreSolid Body

Low-Profile bait casting reels are easier to palm than Round-Profile types such as the Calcutta series but have a small disadvantage in terms of reel rigidity. While Round-Profiles utilizes a main frame made from aluminium forged material, Low-Profile body is usually combined of several parts made through casting.

Despite the combined strength of these various parts, anglers can still feel a slight bending sensation. Therefore, the design team behind the new Bantam MGL devised a body structure that consists of less parts but made using the same aluminium material as Calcutta series.

By integrating the Main Frame, Lever Wind Protector and a Side plate, frame rigidity has been greatly increased. And because the side plate containing the dial is in direct contact with the dial case supporting the spool, sensitivity of the reel has also been enhanced, making sure anglers feel even the slightest of bites.

By drilling holes into the side of the spool, the spool's moment of inertia has been reduced thereby increasing casting distance. With a newly designed 150th deep grrove spool and a line capacity of 16lb - 100m, the new Bantam MGL is capable of supporting strong fishing styles.

Adjust brake settings simply by adjusting the external dial. SVS Infinity is a Centrifugal braking system with 4 brake shoes and a braking range suitable for most situations which makes internal adjustments unncessary.  

However, in the unlikely event that you require finer adjustments, simply open the side body cap to on/off the brake shoe.  

By adopting ultra small precision gears, we are able to achieve unprecedented "silky" retrieval. Vibration level has also been halved in comparison to conventional gear.

Through the increase of meshing teeth, gear strength has also been improved surpassing conventional gear. Paired with the rigid properties of Bantam MGL's CoreSolid Body design, these features of Micromodule Gear has never been more obvious.