Previously supported by pinion gears, the main shaft is now supported by special bushings with extremely low friction factors, resulting in a significant decrease in sliding resistance.

On top of this, a special coating is applied onto the main shaft which further reduces the effects of friction on the shaft. The application of the technology has successfully reduced rotational torque by 30%.

An evolution enabling high powered cranks even when the reel is under high loads.





Always ready to seize the initiative with a powerful retrieve.

The light and smooth cranking previously achieved by the X-Ship technology has now evolved into what Shimano calls the Infinity Drive.







A tough and reliable drag capable of firmly stopping a spool rotating at full throttle yet has control over heat on the spool.

In addition to the already improved drag performance and durability which the previous model, X Tough Drag offers, the technology has been further developed to what is called the Heat Sink Drag which exhibits extremely capable heat resistance performance.

By installing a heat sink panel which channels heat generated from the drag away from the spool, the negative effects of high heat on the spool have been successfully reduced by 50%. A heat insulator sheet is also installed to channel the heat away from the lines on the spool, resulting in a 30% drop in temperature increments in the line-filled area of the spool.



In the latest STELLA SW, not only are the stopper bearings equipped with this particular technology, Shimano has also applied the technology on the line rollers, improving the overall water resistance of the entire reel.

Similar to the stopper bearing compartments, paths allowing water to enter the line roller have been physically sealed off using barriers, blocking all entry of water even under immense water pressures. 
[Refer to image on the right]

Protecting the bearings in the line roller from the harsh effects of seawater, the bearings are now made 10 timesmore durable with the application of the X PROTECT technology.






Equipped in the stopper bearing compartments on previous models, the X PROTECT technology has proven its significant contribution in increasing water resistance of structures on a reel.